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BIRDBUSTERS was established in 1987. The company started as a one-man operation and quickly grew to a thriving, family run business. We have kept up that momentum since the beginning, now we are a full service bird control company that has many full time technicians and a full office staff.

Most companies that deal with pest birds are pest control companies, BIRDBUSTERS only works with birds. BIRDBUSTERS employs a full time crew of installers year round; they install integrated pest bird management systems throughout the United States. BIRDBUSTERS continuously trains its employees on all aspects regarding bird biology and product installation. BIRDBUSTERS does not incorporate pest control into our schedule, when pest control issues become involved with our bird control programs we let the experts at Willard's Pest Control Company take over.

BIRDBUSTERS has the advantage of stocking products for upcoming jobs. We never have to wait until the manufacturer can send us the material we will need for a job; it's already here.

Today BIRDBUSTERS is an industry leader in Washington State with a staff more educated and experienced in aspects of integrated bird management systems. Our employees do not work on commission so you are assured you will get the best service and results available.

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